Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New kids on the black block - PART 1

A humoristic movie about the wave of anticapitalist protest of the new millenium. Spanish subtitles.

New kids on the black block - PART 2

A humoristic movie about the wave of anticapitalist protest in the new millenium. Spanish subtitles.

Anarchists Salonica Greece 2003

Anarchists at Halkidiki-Salonica 2003. Bad quality but very good video. Production of babylonmedia.

Anarchist riots in Thessaloniki November 17th 2006

The dean and the senate of the Aristotelian university of Thessaloniki try to negotiate with the anarchist in the campus

Anarchists hold the line

Protestor profanity- Anarchists attempt to stop the Nazis from leaving in Madison WI

Friday, December 01, 2006

HOLY FUCK! It's a terrorist!

A short Funny video about standing up for the people who are being criminalized by society. When a word like Terrorism begins to describe any of the "un-american" activities of the activists movements how will we react?
The original film this was edited from is a educational piece about learning to swim. I hope that you think it's funny and that it reminds you to send a letter...

Liberation: A tribute to the ALF

Short video I made about the Animal Liberation Front. for more info.

30,000 mink liberated from Russian fur farm, 3/9/06

On the night before September 3, animal rights defenders overthrew the fence of fur farm 'Pioneer' ('Severnaya Pushnina' holding, Luzhsky district, Leningradskaya region), opened the cages and released 30 thousand mink. The animals spread as far as 5 km away from the farm. Judging by the quantity of cages opened, no less than 10 people participated in the action. The public relations department of Severnaya Pushnina declared that they have reason to suspect activists of the Animal Liberation Front are responsible.

The damage to the farm is estimated at 10 million rubles (approx. $375,000 USD). Perhaps, the farm will not be able to rise up again after such a loss. The action is a serious strike against the whole Russian fur industry. Most of the released mink were of rare color types. The selection has been performed for three years and it cannot be restored.

The general director of Severnaya Pushnina, I.V. Parkalov said to the media: 'We hope this incident will not only be properly investigated, but also will pull more attention of administrative structures in Saint-Petersburg and the region towards the activity of such extremist nature-defending organizations'.

World largest animal liberation?

activists liberated about 18.000 animals

22 Broiler Chicks Liberated

22 broiler chicks arerescued from an intensive farm owned by Lloyds Animal Feeds in Wiltshire:

ALF attacks fur store

Animal Liberation Front(ALF) in Russia

Animal Liberation Express Riot

express riot on labs door
animal liberation

Frog Liberation

Frogs being liberated from a educational building in rusia.

Break Free

Trailer - Animal Liberation - History in the making

FBI Infiltrators 1970's Style

An FBI Agent tells how they infiltrated The Weather Underground in the 70's. The Weather Underground (The Movie).

Outlaw Culture 1970's

How the dropout outlaw culture provided hideouts for revolutionaries in the 1970's. The Weather Underground (The Movie)

Refusing to Be Silent (1st half)

1st half of a split film: see also the last part!

I think that we as Americans are going to begin experiencing what the rest of the world has been experiencing for the last 20-30-40 years. When that happens, of course the government doesn't want to risk popular uprising. They don't want to risk that there will already be mechanisms in place for people to make change. They don't want to risk that there will be people already prepared to fight back against the crackdown that's sure to come once resources get scarce. And so I'd certainly say that the Patriot Act, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, all the other recent anti-terrorist legislation we've seen is meant more to control the civilian population of the United States than to attack "muslim extremism". -Josh Harper

DL this and other films (bittorrent):

Refusing to Be Silent (2nd half)